With a youthscout you can search for a young cyclist once every week. When the search is successful, the cyclist will join your team. The cyclists of your scout will be between 18 and 19 years old.

To hire a youth scout, click on 'Youthscout' in the table menu. Then click 'Hire new youthscout' on your right.

If you would like to buy a youthscout, there are three skills for him to choose, ranging from 0 to 10.

"Current ability": the higher the number in this skill for your scout, the higher one of the cyclist's initial skills will be.
"Steering/Balance": the higher the number in this skill for your scout, the better your cyclist's steering and balance skills can be.
"Perception": the higher the number in this skill for your scout, the more likely your scout will find a cyclist when you ask him to. If you have a scout with 20 perception, he will always find a cyclist.

Just like the trainer, a youthscout has no contract. Instead, his wage will be recalculated every Sunday update, based on the amount of skills.

Youthscout Training

Also like the trainer, it is possible to train your youthscout in any skill for a cost of 10.000€ for each training session.

Youthscout Skill Decreases

After fixed periods of time the youthscout will lose a maximum of 5 skill points in any skill, with a bottom limit of 15. In other words, a scout with no skill above 15 points won't lose any points and a skill can't drop lower than 15.

A skill will decrease every season (16 weeks) after you hired the youthscout.

Youthscout Information (from in-game Announcement 10/16/2011, and as modified by Youthscout update (10/23/2011) Announcement)

"Because there have been certain modifications to the game's mechanics such as the FA (Future Ability) of cyclists, there have been some changes to the influence of the youthscout's skills as well. So therefore, we will summarize the influence of each of the youthscout's skills:

The chance your scout finds a suitable cyclist depends entirely on the Perception skill. For every point in this skill, the chance will increase with 5%. So with a Perception of 10, you have exactly 50% chance of finding a cyclist. A Perception of 20 will make it 100%.
Note: a perception of 0 will still give you a 2.5% chance of finding a cyclist.

The skills of the youthscout have no influence at all on the FA of the cyclist.

The cyclist's 6 main skills are determined by using a 'skill pool'. This pool contains 120 points that are distributed randomly over the 6 skills. Afterwards, they are divided by 10, so that each skill has a decimal.

The maximum value of a skill during the distribution of the skill pool points is limited to 4. If the Perception of the scout is higher than 0, the maximum is increased to 5.

The Current Ability of the scout increases the highest skill with a random value between 0 and the Current Ability. This increase does not look at the skill limit anymore.
So the highest possible skill value is 7:
4 (maximum skill value) + 1 (if Perception > 0) + 2 (if Current Ability is 20)

The Steering/Balance of the youthscout determines the cyclist's Steering and Balance skills. The amount of the skill is a random number between 0 and the Steering/Balance skill of the scout.
So even if you have a scout with 20 in this skill, there is always a chance of pulling a cyclist with 0 in either Steering or Balance. On the other hand, if you have a scout with 0 in this skill, the pulled cyclist will always have 0 in both skills.

Hopefully this clarifies the mechanics of the youthscout a bit. As always, if you have additional questions or remarks, feel free to post in the forum."

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