Training Scouting

These pages show information about your trainer and youthscout (if you have one).

In case of the trainer, you can choose on which skill the training will focus this week. In case of the youthscout, you can scout a new talented youngster every week.


The road to success lies in having a strong team. Cyclists get better during their career, but how much better depend for a large part on the trainer. A trainer, just like a cyclist, gets a weekly wage and has a number of skills.

These skills show in which area(s) the trainer can benefit your team. Note that training a skill where your trainer has a low value in will not result in much success. Therefore it is important to either buy an expensive trainer that is good at training multiple skills, or focus on a certain area and specialise in that.

However, it does not all depend on just the trainer. Talented cyclists will gain skills faster than other, not so talented ones. Age is another important factor; a youngster will of course develop faster than an older one.

Trainers have a contract, but unlike the ones cyclists have, this one can not run out after an amount of time. Paying the trainer a higher wage, however, can make him happier to be in your club. And a happier trainer works harder and trains your cyclists better!

You can at all times hire a new trainer. You are free to enter the values for the skills you which the trainer to be good (or not so good) at. The trainer's skills range from 0 to 20. If you can afford it, you can sign a trainer that has high values for all skills. This might be a bit too expensive for some teams and according to what area you focus on in training you may not have use for certain skills.


Some managers buy their talents, others breed them their selves. Having a good youthscout might be very profitable! Scouts search for young talents and should they find one good enough, the youngster is added automatically to your team.

Scouts have 3 skills: Current ability, Future ability and Perception.

Scouts with high values in Current and/or Future ability are likely to find cyclists with a high value in one of these skills (see the 'Cyclist' chapter for more details).

Sometimes a scout can look as hard as he can, he will not find a suitable talent. This rate of success depends on his skill in Perception. The higher value in this skill, the more chance he has at finding a cyclist.

The contract of a scout is comparable to that of the trainer; it will never run out after an amount of time. Paying a scout a nice wage is bound to make him happier and work harder for the club, though!

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