After each race and tour, each team wins (and sometimes loses) an amount of supporters. Supporters support your team by buying your merchandise. The gain of supporters is influenced on how successful you have been in the race/tour and how much participation there was in the race/tour. After each sunday update the amount of supporters is reduced to a base amount (see below)

There are four different types of merchandise in Peloton:

  • Biddons (price: €5)
  • Baseball caps (price: €10)
  • Sportsbags (price: €20)
  • T-shirts (price: €15)

You can buy an amount of each item at their stock price and set a selling price. The supporters will buy the items at the selling price, and the difference is pure profit! But beware, they will buy less merchandise if you set your prices too high and then your profit will be smaller. It's a matter of finding the ideal prices to keep you and your supporters happy.
When your team has a large amount of supporters, you can make a good amount of extra cash each week.

You have 4 kinds of supporters:

  • Core supporters : a fixed amount of supporters who will always support your team during the season regardless of how good or how bad your team performes in the division. The number of core supporters depend on the division your team is in. The higher, the better.
  • Seasonal supporters : amount of supps that will support your team the entire season, depending on your endposition last season. The seasonal supporters of the last 5 seasons will buy merchandise every week. At the end of the season, the seasonal supporters from 5 seasons ago will leave and the new seasonal supps of this season will join. The number of seasonal supporters will depend on the division you are in and the endposition of your team in that division.
  • Opportunistic supporters : these supporters will come and go depending on your raceresults in one week. The more you win that week, the more opportunistic supporters you will get. These supps will leave at the end of the week after they have bought their share of the merchandise. The amount of opportunistic suppoerters you will get will depend on your raceresult, the division you are in, the number of participants in a race and even the weather.
  • Disappointed supporters : not participating or participating with less than 3 cyclists in a tour will disappoint some supporters and they will leave the fanclub for that week. Don’t worry, the next week they will be back. Not participating in a single race however will have no consequenses !
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