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Each race consists of a number of parts of a certain length. These parts are: Flat, Hill, Mountain & Downhill.

The race detail screen shows a chart that should give you a good idea of where the focus lies. It would be a bad tactical move to select a cyclist with a low Mountain skill for a race that is all climbing!


A tour is sequence of races, where the results of each race are added and form a general standing.

A tour has 3 different jerseys; time, points and mountain. The cyclist that wins the time jersey (meaning the best overall time in the tour) will be considered the winner of the tour. Each jersey winner will receive an extra bonus for their performance.

The points and mountain jerseys are won by winning extra sprints during a race. The amount and location of these during the race are shown in the race details.

Just like regular races, tour races have victory bonus that goes to the winner of the race. Keep in mind though, that the winning a tour race is less profitable than winning a regular race, but winning a jersey gets you a big bonus!


Each season features a large number of races in which you can participate. Note that you are not obliged to take part in each and every one. If you want to give your team some rest, you can skip a race simply by not submitting a list of cyclists for a race.

Next to each race on the Calendar screen, you can click on Tactics. Here you can choose the cyclists you want to see in the race. You can have a maximum of 5 cyclists riding in the race; 1 leader and 4 'regulars'. The leader should be a cyclist with a high Leadership skill value. The better the leader is, the better your team's performance will be in the race.

You can also choose the amount of effort for each cyclist. This ranges from 70% to 100%. A cyclist will perform much better with 100% effort, but will also lose a lot of fitness! If you want the rider to participate in any other races soon, it might not be wise to let him give all he has got in a single race.

If the race is part of a tour, you will see 2 extra options: sprints and mountain. These are the cyclists from your team that will focus on winning the sprints and mountain points during the race. This is of importance if you want to win the points and/or mountain jersey. The points jersey usually goes to the cyclist with good Flat and Sprint skills, while the mountain jersey is for the cyclists with high values in the Mountain and Hill skills.

Finally, you can also select which equipment you want your riders to use. There are 4 different types: rear wheel, frame, front wheel and helmet. Each of these types has a number of different materials, which offer different (dis)advantages to your cyclist's skills. Check the overview of materials.

Should you participate in a tour, you should take notice that you also can not change the participating cyclists after the first race! Should a cyclist get injured, you will have to finish the tour with one cyclist less.

The game takes many attributes in account in calculating how your cyclists do in a race. How well is he doing in the course of the season? Is he happy at your team? Is he fit enough? And so on. Know everything about your riders to get the best results!

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