Here you can see the finances of your team, how much profit (or losses) you are making and how much money you have on your bank account. Make sure you maintain a healthy club or you will go bankrupt!

Every team can choose between three major sponsors that will contribute weekly. However, the amount of money and the duration of contracts differ.
The amount and the length of a contract which each sponsor offers is different for everyone.
So can one person have Rabobank for one season and someone else can have Discovery Channel for one season.

Starting from August the 12th 2007 sponsor contracts are different for each level of division and for each spot in a division.
You'll have more sponsor in come the 4th in division 2 than the 1st in division 3.


Investments are always for a period of 16 weeks. After this period, you get 110% of the invested amount returned to you. Optionally, you can withdraw your investment before the period is over but this will cost you 5% of the amount and and you will lose any interest.

You can make up to 10 investments, with a maximum of € 2,500,000 per investment.

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