General Questions

Q: What is Peloton?
A: Peloton is an free online cyclism manager game. You are the manager of a team of cyclists.

Q: What should I do first when I log in for the first time?
A: First, make sure you know the rules. They are explained throughout this Wiki.
Then check out your team, and look at your cyclists. Then you have to hire a coach. The better he is, the more you have to pay of course. When you have selected the trainer with the appropriate skill(s), change the training for each cyclist to the skill your trainer is specialised in. Next thing you have to do is selecting a sponsor. You can find these in the finance menu. Then have a look at the calendar. There you can see the upcoming races. Select your cyclists you want to ride the race, and choose their gear. Don't let your cyclists ride at 100% every time, or they will have no fitness left in a couple of races.

Q: Which are the most important skills for the cyclists?
A: The most important skills are the 'primary skills'. Take a look at the race profiles in the calendar. It might say something like this:

Flat: 50km
Mountain: 20km
Hill: 80km

So you select for this race a maximum of 5 cyclists who are good at these skills (with hill being the most important one) and select the kind of material that gives the most benefit to the hill skill.
(More information about skills and how they are used in the 'Cyclist', in the 'Cyclists' and in the 'Races' section'.)

Q: Where can I read my messages?
A: In the menu is an item called 'news'. This is where you receive news about your team as well as messages from other players.

Training Questions

Q: Which kind of trainer should I choose as a new player?
A: When you are new to the game, you don't have much money yet. So it is best that you choose a trainer who excels in just 1 or 2 skills. Which skill depends on the kind of races you want to win.
If you are going to focus on the big tours, like the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France, you will want to have a trainer who's good in the mountain skill. If you are going for the single races, you may want to go for a trainer who's good in the Flat skill. These are just examples of course, everyone can go his own way in this. It might be smart to get a different trainer than the rest, so you can sell your cyclists for a big sum…
(More info about trainers and training in the 'training' section'.)

Q: If you have a trainer with a skill of flat '5', can the cyclists go over 5 in this skill?
A: Yes. The skills of a trainer indicate how fast the skills will go up, not to which amount. A value of 20 in Flat will make your cyclists raise their skill faster than a value of 5.
(More info about trainers and training in the 'training' section'.)

Q: When are the cyclists being trained?
A: Training is done during the weekly update, at Sunday evening, 20h00. This means that you can change your training as much as you want during the week, only the last one selected will be taken into account.

Q: Do my cyclists have to ride that week to get training?
A: No, everyone in your team gets training, except the ones that are injured. This happens once a week, Sunday evening.

Q: Can I train the secondary skills, like steering and bravery?
A: No, you can not. Your cyclists experience will increase if they ride more races, though. And each fall increases bravery by 0.1 skill points as well as each flat improves steering by 0.1 skill points.

Q: What is fitness? How can my cyclists gain it back?
A: The amount of fitness your cyclists lose depends on the amount of effort you have selected for them in each race. The higher the effort, the more fitness they will lose. Cyclists with low fitness will not perform as well as one with 100%.
Each week, during the weekly update, your cyclists will gain 20% of fitness back. If you also train fitness, cyclists will gain 20% plus the amount of skill your trainer has in fitness. So if your trainer has 20 in fitness, cyclists can gain 40% each week!
(More information about fitness in the 'Calendar' section.)

Youthscout Questions

Q: When can I scout?
A: You can scout for new cyclists once per week. If you buy a new scout, you will have to wait until the next week before you can start scouting.

Q: What do the scout skills mean?
The perception skill indicates the chance of your scout to actually find someone decent enough for your team.
(More information about scouts and their skills in the 'Youthscout' section'.)

Equipment Questions

Q: Where can you view/buy the different materials?
A: Material can be viewed and bought in the tactics page for each race.

Race Questions

Q: When are the races?
A: Races are at 13:00 (server hour). Depending on the division you're in, you will see the result shortly after (races in the highest divisions are simulated first).

Q: The race of today has disappeared from the calendar! What happened?
A: When races get calculated, they might disappear from the calendar. When the results are calculated, they will appear again.

Q: Is it possible that not every team submits a team for a race?
A: Yes, and that will happen more than once. Every team is free to choose its races. If you don't participate much, you can let your cyclists perform for a higher percentage in the ones they do ride.

Q: I can't select any cyclists for a race!
A: For races that are part of a tour you can only select your team in the first race. When this race is finished before you selected your team, you can no more participate in the other races of the tour. You can, however, still select the material and amount of effort.

Q: What are 'Fl' and 'Fa'?
A: Fl is short for flats, Fa is short for falls. In the results page of every race you can see how many times a cyclist has had a flat tire or a fall.
(More information about flat and falls in the 'Cyclists' section.)

Money Questions

Q: I won a race, but the money I received was lower than the indicated price money!
A: The amount of money you get depends on the number of cyclists that participated in the race. The more participants, the more money you can win.
(More information about this in the 'Races' section')

Q: Which sponsor should I choose? Can you get new contract offers during the season?
A: Like the sponsor contract says: a short contract gives a large amount of money at first but the weekly amount is low. The other contracts are give more money after a longer amount of time. The amount of money a sponsor gives also depends on the division your team is in. If you think you have a chance at winning your competition, you may want to sign a short term contract because the amount of money is larger in the higher divisions.
The game does not feature new contract offers during the season.

Q: Isn't it better if a sell a couple of my 12 cyclists?
A: This depends on how many races you will participate in. There are a lot of races during a season and if the fitness of your cyclists is low, it is better to give them some rest. You can select up to 5 cyclists for each, who can get injured as well. So it may not be so bad to have a good amount of cyclists in reserve.

Q: What is a good price to ask for my merchandise?
A: That's something you'll have to find out yourself. We can't tell you everything ;-)

Q: Where do I get money from?
A: Win races, merchandising, selling your cyclists, … There are a lot of ways to make money. You won't have much supporters in the beginning, so the merchandising won't go that well in the beginning, but it gets smoother after a while.

Q: What are the transfer prices for cyclists with low skills?
A: The amount of money you get for selling a cyclist is usually lower than his indicated value, especially with bad cyclists. Otherwise, the amount can go up pretty fast, depending on the demand and offer.

Q: I can't buy trainer/youthscout/cyclist although I've got the money!
A: There's a difference between your current bank balance and the next week estimation of it. A lot of your income will only be available from the weekly update at Sunday evening. That means you might not have enough money on your current bank balance yet.
Patience is a good quality, my friend.

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