The division page shows how well (or badly) you fare in the competition. Your team is shown in bold letters. Even though teams have their base country, all teams participate in the World-league competition. A division consists of maximum 12 teams that race against each other for 15 weeks.

At the end of the season, you will recieve a financial reward according to the place you finished. If you finish first or second, you will also promote to a higher division (unless you are already in the highest division).

The last 2 to 4 teams in the competition will relegate to a lower division (unless they are already in the lowest division).

Apart from this, the team with the best cyclist in the competition is also rewarded an extra bonus.

The league standing shows the following information:

Nr Team RW TJ PJ MJ Points
Position Team name Races won Time jerseys won Points Jerseys won Mountain jerseys won Total points

The standing of the competition is decided by the total amount of points a team has won during the season. The other numbers, like how many races or jerseys you won are only an indication to how well your team did.

Remark: your division points are NOT equal to the sum of the points your cyclists have gathered. Sprinting points and mountain points don't count as division points, for example.
Take a look at the tables at the 'Races' page to know how much points you get for every kind of situation.

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