However you may turn it, the success of your team all depends on your cyclists. So it is important to keep them happy!

Primary Skills

In total there are 10 different primary skills in the game. Only 8 of those are visible to you, the other 2 are at all times unknown for everyone.

Name Visible
Flat Yes
Hill Yes
Mountain Yes
Downhill Yes
Sprint Yes
Time Trial Yes
Leadership Yes
Experience Yes
Injury proneness No
Future Ability No

All skills have a value ranging from 0 to 20. If you have a cyclist with a high value for the Flat skill, he will perform better in flat parts of a race. The same goes for the skills Hill, Mountain, Downhill and Sprint.

The Leadership skill shows how good of a leader the cyclist is. A high value for this will make him a good leader, providing more tactic points to your disposal for choosing tactics in a race.

There are 2 invisible skills; Injury proneness, and Future ability.

Injury proneness deals with how fragile your cyclist is. A high value for this skill will result in more injuries for this cyclist, either during races or while training.

NOTE: even though this skill is invisible, watchful managers could make a good estimate of a cyclist's injury proneness if they monitor the frequency of their injuries for some time.

Future ability means how much talent the cyclist has for the future. Each of the 6 main skills has its own FA value. A cyclist with a high future ability value for a skill will do considerably better in training and gaining skill points faster.
This FA will only take effect above a skill 7. Below 7 all skills will have the same FA.

Secondary Skills

Besides the primary skills the cyclists have some secondary skills which influences his performance during the race.
Steering and Balance will increase with resp. every flat and fall a cyclist has in a race.

Skill Range Affects
Steering 0 - 20 Chance of flat tire
Balance 0 - 20 Chance of falling
Weight 50 - 100 kg Mountain performance
Height 1.60 - 2.10 m Flat performance


Fitness is a very important factor, because it influences the total performance of the cyclist.
Ideally fitness is at 100%, but after every race the fitness level drops a bit. Cyclists regain 20% fitness during every training, and even more if fitness is being trained.

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