Each cyclist has a contract which contains the amount of money he earns weekly, the bonuses he may get, and how much time is left before the contract runs out.

You can at all times negotiate for a new contract. In case of a very good offer your cyclist's mood could increase significantly.

Sometimes it may be a good tactic to give a cyclist a smaller wage increase in return for better bonuses.

Bonuses are not always available. The "yearly wage increase"-bonus and "minimum races to participate in"-bonus are always available but for the other 4 bonuses, the cyclist needs to win a certain amount of points for your team.
These bonuses are :

  • Bonus for each final time victory
  • Bonus for each final points victory (green jersey)
  • Bonus for each final mountain victory (polka dot jersey)
  • Bonus for each final time victory (yellow jersey)

The last one requires the most points to unlock.

NOTE: be careful with certain bonuses though! You may give the cyclist the assurance of letting him participate in a certain number of races during the season, but if you fail to keep your promise, you will break the contract and the cyclist will leave your club!
Keep in mind that the "Minimum races to participate in" is on a per season basis, not on a contractlength basis !

The most important factor you should take care of is the length of a cyclist's contract. Should the contract run out, he will always leave the club! Your assistant will let you know in time should a contract be on the verge of running out.

Some tips for a good contract negotiation :

  • A cyclist likes relatively short contracts and is not so fond of contracts of more than one year
  • A cyclist likes to have one big contractadaptation in stead of a lot of small ones.
  • The wage offer is considered to be the most important factor for the cyclist

You can also place a cyclist on the transfer list. You are free to set his price. A cyclist has a certain transfer value that should give you an idea of how much money you may receive for him should he get sold. Note that you can not negotiate for a contract while he is listed. Also keep in mind that cyclists don't like being sold!

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