This shows the races in which you can participate during the season. From here you can view the details of a certain race (will the race focus on many hills and mountains, or will it be mostly flat?) or tour. Races calculations always start at 13h00.

Participate in a race
You can select the cyclists that will participate in the race, when you click on 'Change' in the Tactics menu next to each race. On the day of the race, you can only change your tactics until 15 minutes before the race (in other words, until 12h45).
To participate in a single race, just select at least one cyclist and click 'modify'. The more cyclists of your team participate, the better they will perform during that race.
If you want to participate in a tour, you only have to subscribe your cyclists to the first race; they will automatically participate in the other races too.
Participating in a single race costs 1000$, tour races only cost 500$ (per race).

Teamleader: one of your cyclists will participate as a team leader. Make sure you select a cyclist with high leadership! The more leadership, the more tactic points you will have to use. You will get 5 tactic points for free.
If your teamleader gets injured during a tour, your team will race without a team leader. That means it's not possible to select a new team leader, but the leadership points will still be available to choose tactics.

Basically, your cyclists will ride at 70% effort in a race, resulting in a 5% loss in fitness. You can, however, change the effort of every participating cyclist. The more effort a cyclist uses in a race, the more fitness he will lose.
So a cyclist racing at 80% effort will lose 15% fitness (5% basic + 10% extra due to effort = 15%).
You can also choose to "save fitness", with this tactic your cyclist will ride at 60% effort and will loose only 1% fitness?

Finally, you can race harder by selecting the right equipment. There are four kinds of it: rear wheel, frame, front wheel and the helmet. If you select one of them, the explanation of the equipment appears underneath it.
If you have found the appropriate equipment, you'll have to click the modify button to 'save' your choices.
Every equipment tool will cost you 1000$.
And you don't have to select equipment for every race. As you'll see, the effects of it are rather small so choose wisely, my friend!

Races calculations always start at 13h00. 15 minutes before that, changes to team tactics aren't allowed any more. Until the result is calculated, the race might sometimes disappear from the calendar pages. This is normal, don't worry!
Afterwards, you can see the results of each race and see how well (or badly) your cyclists did. If the race is part of a tour, you can also see the overall standings of that tour.

For more information about races and tours and how they are calculated, choose race or tours on the menu on your left.
For more information about time trials, click 'races' in the menu on your left.

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